Configuring DevPortal using GlobalConfig

EnRoute Technical Reference

DevPortal in EnRoute

EnRoute has support for DevPortal where developers can collaborate to lookup the APIs and microservices defined.

GlobalConfig provides a mechanism to provide configuration global to the system. Such configuration may include configuring the rate-limit engine in EnRoute, configuring mesh integration options (like options for linkerd and istio), configuring a devportal for EnRoute

Here is an example GlobalConfig for the EnRoute devportal

kind: GlobalConfig
  name: devportal-config
  namespace: portal
  name: devportal-config
  type: globalconfig_devportal
  config: |
      "service_docs" : [
        {"service" : "namespace2.httpbin", "doc_url" : "" },
        {"service" : "namespace2.petstore","doc_url" : "" },
        {"service" : "namespace2.k8s-1-dot-24-api","doc_url" : "" }