Configuring OpenTelemetry Tracing using GlobalConfig

EnRoute Technical Reference

EnRoute can be configured to generate Traces in Zipkin and OpenTelemetry format. Tracing can be configured using GlobalConfig

GlobalConfig for OpenTelemetry Tracing

EnRoute can also be configured to send traces to opentelemtry collector. The tracer_type is set to opentelemetry and service_name is specified in <> format

    kind: GlobalConfig
      name: enroute-globalconfig-tracing
      config: |
        "tracing" : {
            "tracer_type" : "opentelemetry",
            "opentelemetry_config" : {
              "service_name" : "default.simplest-collector:4317"
      name: enroute-globalconfig-tracing
      type: globalconfig_tracing

Traces with EnRoute

EnRoute shows up with the name enroute-ingress